Frame Mounting Bolt Allan/Hex M6 L15mm pcs
Frame Mounting Bolt Allan/Hex M6 L15mm pcs
Frame Mounting Bolt Allan/Hex M6 L15mm pcs

Frame Mounting Bolt Allan/Hex M6 L15mm pcs

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The frame is the bottom of a skate that holds the wheels. It is mounted to the boots with 2 or 3 bolts. There are a couple of different mounting types, Learn more about these here:

Sold per piece.

All skates (except those from the Fila or Seba brand) use M6 thread. This means the thread has an outer diameter of 6mm.

If your frame mounting bolts are too short, then you might end up with a missing bolt after a few sessions. Bolts might unscrew because of the vibrations. This happens quicker if you scre, and unscrew your bolt allot. Doing this causes the blue paint drip that was on your bolt when it was new to disappear. This can be easily reapplied by getting some Loctite, find it at the maintenance section of our webshop.

Be aware of frame mounting bolts that are too long, The bolts will stick out in the boot and pierce your liner and your foot.
Measure the length of one of your current bolts to know what length you need, if you have any questions about this, then just send us a photo of your skate and frame setup so that we can give you free advice.

M = 6mm

L = 15mm

X = 10mm

Product Specifications
Bolt diameter M6
Bolt length 14mm
Bolt type Frame Bolts & Nuts
Color Grey
Screw head Inbus -- maat 4
About the brand
USD began in 1998 as Up Side Down and soon changed it name to Universal Skate Design. They are the pioneer in customization. read more

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