Events & Sponsoring

Skating is best done not behind your computer, but in real life, meeting other skaters and in a cool community. Get updates on European events on our instagram page.

Each competition has its classical winners. In reality we know that skatecomps are one big fashion show, and that the true winner is the one with the sickest outfit. We have our focus just as much on your hardware, then on whoever took home the price money. 
That is why, at any competition we sponsor, there will be a "Thisissoul Best Setup" side event, where we enable YOU to bring home the prize. Show off with your vintage skates, pimped up ride or classic gear or sick customs and maybe you will get picked by the judges. The winner of the "Thisissoul Best Setup" will get a Voucher from the store to spend on anything you need.

Here is a list of all the best setup winners so far:

For the organizers:
If you want the "Thisissoul Best Setup" side event to be a part of your competition, then you can send us a message through our contact form.
Logo package can be found here: