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If you want to pick a bearing for you, either go with a brand you trust, or go for the cheapest bearings that we have on Thisissoul.com and just replace them when worn down

How many do i need?
There are 2 bearings for each wheel. So if you have 4 wheels per skate, then you would need 16 bearings to replace them all.

Take note that in between the two bearings sits a little bearing spacer. More info about bearing spacers here:

All Inline skates use the same size bearings. This size is indicated with the number 608. The same standard is used in rollerskates, scooters and skateboards

The dimensions of a 608 bearing are:
- 22mm outer diameter
- 8mm inner diameter
- 8mm width

- buitenring
- balletjes
- ball cage
- inner ring
- zegel

outer ring
the groove is called a raceway

the balles used to be a steel wire. cut in little pieces and then grinded to be round. this proces takes a couple of days.

Skate bearings are kind of all the same nowadays. If you have a skate bearing, The way it functions and wears down has more to do with the material used and the way it is lubricated, then with the ABEC scale.

The ABEC scale is a way to measure the precision of the bearing. It was not however invented for inline skating but for machine equipment and it thus has no relevance for the performance of your bearing in your skate.

In general if you buy a  200-250 euro's range skate, then the wheels and bearings are always very good, so do not worry about it

8.3m/s bij 80mm wielen en 30km/uur.
25.13cm is de omtrek van 80mm
330.28 rotaties/s
19817 rpm

25.000 rotaties / minuut
416.66 rotaties / seconden
251.33mm is de omtrek van 80mm wiel
104.72 m / s
376 km / u

ABEC 1 less than 25,000 rpm - 377km/h
ABEC 3 less than 32,500 rpm - 490km/h
ABEC 5 less than 37,000 rpm - 558km/h
ABEC 7 less than 43,000 rpm - 648km/h


zegel, zz, z
608 is open aan beide kanten
608 z is open aan 1 kant en gesloten aan de andere
608 zz is gesloten aan beide
608 2rs is 2 rubber seals

grease or oil.
grease will stay longer, but is slower
oil will dissapear sooner but is faster.

hoe harder het materiaal hoe harder je skate
hybrid steel/ceramic
full ceramic

How long should they spin?

met gewicht is het een heel ander spelletje

cleaning your bearings



How to get bearings out.


Skating in the rain.

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