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Thisissoul Academy

Beginners Course Adult Inline Skating in Vondelpark

Beginners Course Adult Inline Skating in Vondelpark

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What you should know


The lesson is every Saturday from 12.00 until 13.30. at 12.00 we will all collectively put on our skates together and then go in to the park at about 12.15. At about 13.15 we will be back in the store to take everything off.

The starting spot is the Thisissoul store on the Overtoom 327.

All levels are ok for this course, however, you do need to know how to at least get up on your skates and move around on them a little bit when you join the group. Otherwise we recommend that you do a private lesson first.

There can be anywhere from 3 students to 12 students in the group and levels wil vary. Each exercise that we will do can be done on the skaters own level.

We have an entire list filled with skills that would be good for each skater to learn. Every lessons we pick a different set of these skills to work on. The goal is to mark off all exercises so that you can be a versatile skater. 


Our teacher will be there exactly at 12.00 If he/she is 5 minutes late, then please call (do not use Whatsapp call, but use regular phone connection)our coordinator on+31 6 28829224.


  • Long, old jeans (we are going to do falling exercises)
  • Socks that are the same height as a skate.
  • Leave your skates off, the teacher expects you to sit ready at the set time to put everything on together.
  • Skate rental and protection is 5 euro's, you can pay for it in store.
  • Empty your pockets.
  • Your backpack and shoes can be left behind in the store during the class.
  • Knee protection are necessary for specific falling techniques.
  • Helmet, wrist and elbow protection are advised.

Skill and level

Our adult course is aimed to learn to safely skate in the Vondelpark and through the city. You will learn how to handle breaking, sharp turns, tram tracks, and curbs for example.

By learning how to fall first, you will get the confidence to build up your skills safely. We start very slowly and increase difficulty bit by bit in small steps.

Weather and cancellations

Weather Plan

The lessons will continue no matter what. if the weather is bad then we move to an alternative dry location. The meeting spot is always our store on the Overtoom 327.

Last minute cancelations

For last minute cancelations/changes (less then 1 day) to lessons it is best to call +31628829224. Do not call with WhatsApp but use the regular phone connection. If no answer was given you can also try to call us on +31624416176 with a regular phone connection. Cancelations have to reach us (regardless of when the cancelation is sent) at least 4 working hours before the lesson starts. For this lesson that means before friday 14.00 hours.TeacherOur teacher will be there exactly at 12.00 If he/she is 5 minutes late, then please call (do not use Whatsapp call, but use regular phone connection)  our coordinator on +31 6 28829224.

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