Shipping Info

All orders are send with PostNL. You will received an email with your track and trace code when the order goes out. The price depends on the weight and the country the package will be shipped to.

Size matters

Small products likes wheels, bearings and DVDs cost a few euros to ship and are send in a letter. You will not get a track and trace code for these orders.

Mr postman

The postman. He will arrive between 9:00 and 18:00. If you want to give him some instructions where to leave the package if you are not there, then it is best to leave him a note on your door. If that does not work, then he will leave you a message on what to do now. 

Our processing time

We strive to ship out packages within 24 hours. Most of the times we succeed. strength as a shop is that if you come to our store in Amsterdam, everything from our webshop can be found, admired and tried there. Our store and our webshop warehouse are on the same location. This means that if it is suddenly very busy in the store, that we can not ship out orders. Sometimes if there are allot of web orders, If the store is busy as well, of if we are understaffed, It can take days for us to ship out orders. Please be patient

Delivery time / cost

Inside of the European Union the following prices are being used for shipment. Delivery time heavily depends on the country we're shipping to. All delivery times are now most likely 2-3 times as high as listed below due to the sudden increase in the amount of orders because of the worldwide governmental measurements surrounding the corona virus.

- Dutch skaters pay Dutch 21% VAT tax at checkout and no import tax at the door
- European EU skaters pay the rate of VAT tax at our checkout of their own EU nation and no import tax at the door

More info about taxes and better explained examples can be found on our payment page:

  Time  untill € 149,99 € 150 and up 
Belgium 1-2 days € 6,00 Free
Czech Republic 3-4 days € 6,00 Free
Deutschland 2-3 days € 6,00 Free
Nederland 1-2 days € 6,00 Free
Österreich 2-4 days € 6,00 Free
Poland 3-5 days € 6,00 Free
Slovakia 3-5 days € 6,00 Free
Slovenia 4-6 days € 6,00 Free
Denmark 2-3 days € 7,00 Free
France 2-3 days € 7,00 Free
Liechtenstein  3-4 days € 7,00 Free
Luxemburg 1-2 days € 7,00 Free
Switzerland 2-3 days € 10,00 Free
Finland 3-5 days € 14,00 Free
Sweden 2-4 days € 14,00 Free
Bulgaria 4-7 days € 15,00 Free
Estonia 4-6 days € 15,00 Free
Greece 5-7 days € 15,00 Free
Hungary 3-5 days € 15,00 Free
Ireland 2-4 days € 15,00 Free
Italy 3-5 days € 15,00 Free
Latvia 4-6 days € 15,00 Free
Lithuania 4-6 days € 15,00 Free
Portugal 4-6 days € 15,00 Free
Romania 4-7 days € 15,00 Free
Spain 3-5 days € 15,00 Free
Bosnia and Herzegovina 7-9 days € 20,00 Free
Croatia 7-9 days € 20,00 Free
Montenegro 7-9 days € 20,00 Free
Serbia 7-9 days € 20,00 Free


Outside of the EU
When we ship to countries outside of the EU the package will need to go through customs. Some packages get picked out and investigated by customs prolonging the shipment time. If a package sits still at the customs for more then 2 weeks, then please contact us so that we can email PostNL and start an investigation.

Skaters from outside of the EU pay no VAT tax at checkout, but will have to pay import tax at the door when the package arrives.

More info about taxes and better explained examples can be found on our payment page:

  Time  untill € 149,99 € 150 and up 
Norway 14-21 days € 10,00 Free
United Kingdom 14-21 days € 7,00 Free
Macedonia 14-21 days € 20,00 Free
Turkey 14-21 days € 20,00 Free
Ukraine 14-21 days € 20,00 Free
Belarus 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
Canada 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
Usa 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
Singapore 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
Russia 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
United Arabic Emirates 14-21 days € 30,00 Free
Rest of the World   € 30,00 Free