Everything about frame mounting bolts

Frame mounting bolts are an important component of inline skates, as they hold the frame in place on the boot. Here are some things to consider when selecting frame mounting bolts:

Head diameter
The head diameter of a frame mounting bolt refers to the width of the bolt head. Different skate frames have specific head diameters, so it's important to make sure you get the right size for your frames. We offer a wide range of head diameters to fit various skate frames, and all of our products are listed with the head diameter size.

The thread size of a frame mounting bolt refers to the pitch and width of the thread. Common sizes for frame mounting bolts include M6 and M7, with M7 Micro, FR, and Fila being popular options. It's important to measure the outside diameter of the thread with a slide gage to ensure you get the correct size. We list the thread sizes for all of our products, and we also have an skatepart finder tool that lists the models that each size will fit. Find the skatepart finder tool in our menu under "parts"

The length of a frame mounting bolt is an important factor to consider, as too short a bolt may not provide enough support and too long a bolt may cause discomfort or injury. Short bolts can be a problem for skates like Shifts, while longer bolts are rarer and may not fit all skate models. We offer a range of lengths to fit various skate models, and we also offer the option to cut the length to fit your needs.
The pitch of a frame mounting bolt refers to the distance between the threads. Standard pitch is most common, but it's important to make sure you get the right pitch for your skate frames.

Most skates have an Allen M4 tool to unscrew their parts, but you can also find torque and philips ons some skates. Learn more about what tools to use here:

Broken bolts?
Removing damaged frame mounting bolts can be a challenge, but there are several tools that can help. We have a video that demonstrates how to use these tools to remove damaged frame mounting bolts. learn more about it here:

New Bolts
Our wide range of frame mounting bolts allows you to find the perfect fit for your skates, and our "Skatepart finder tool" section make it easy to find the right bolts for your needs. You can find the skatepart finder tool in our menu at the top of the page, under the section "parts"

Find all frame mounting bolts here:

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