Everything about frame spacers

Everything about frame spacers

Inline skate frame spacers are a crucial part of any inline skate setup. They are the parts of the frame that separate the wheels from the frame, and they serve an important purpose: to allow for proper spacing between the wheels and the frame. Without frame spacers, the wheels would rub against the inside of the frame and you wouldn't be able to skate as fast or smoothly.

Integrated frame spacers
There are a few different types of frame spacers that you can use. Most skates today come with frame spacers already included in the frame itself. The frame spacers are always integrated in the frame for metal frames.

Changeable frame spacer
If you have an aggressive skate with a plastic frame, or if you have a kids skate, then there is a good chance that you have changeable frame spacers.

Special editions
The new Iqon Decode frames are high-end frames that come with special bearings that have a frame spacer built in, which allows for different wheel positions within the frame.
There are also cheaper skates that come with a frame spacer that is more integrated with the bearing itself, but these are generally found on lower-end skates and are only compatible with 6mm axles.
One cool feature of some frame spacers is that you can remove them and flip them over to change the position of the axle. This allows you to fine-tune the position of your wheels and adjust the rocker of your skate, which can affect the maneuverability of the skate. For example, if you put the outer wheels higher and the inner wheels lower, your skate will be more maneuverable.

Frame spacers have been around since the early days of inline skating, and you can find examples of them on vintage skates from the 80s and 90s. Some modern metal frame skates also offer a rocker option by using an asymmetrical axle that can be installed in two different ways to adjust the rocker of the skate.

If you're in need of a frame spacer or have any other questions about your inline skate setup, it's always a good idea to seek out expert advice. Whether you visit a store in person or shop online, make sure you have all the information you need to make the best choice for your skating needs.

When to change them
Integrated frame spacers can not be changed out. Metal changeable frame spacers can be changed out, but rarely break or need replacement. If you have a rare version of an aggressive skate or a kids skate with plastic/nylon frame spacers? Then it is for sure worth to change them to a metal one. A common upgrade we do at This Is Soul Skateshop is to swop out the nylon frame spacers of old Roces FCO Rome skates to metal frame spacers.

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