Private Lesson Zeeburgereiland
Private Lesson Zeeburgereiland
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Private Lesson Zeeburgereiland

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Our private lessons are focused first and foremost to learn to skate safely. We first will learn you how to avoid falling badly and how to use your protection. Then you will have the freedom to learn new skills like braking and making smooth turns. We start of slowly and build everything up step by step. If things go well you will be prepared to ride on the streets of Utrecht or maybe even in the skatepark!

A private lessons means that you are in charge of who will be there. It can be one student, or more! Each extra student costs 5 euro's extra

A private lesson can be planned whenever we have a teacher available and whenever you are free.

We teach at the Zeeburger Eiland skatepark in Utrecht.  

Requirements / Instructions
- Your own skates (put them on before the lesson starts)
- Wear a pair of long, old jeans. We will be doing falling exercises
- No jewellery and empty pockets
- Wear socks the same height as a skate.

Order confirmation
Contact us before booking this product on WhatsApp (+31 6 28829224). We usually respond once a day on working days. Through the chat we will go back and forth until we find a spot that works for all parties.

If you confirm that a time works for you, be aware that it is only set after it is then reconfirmed by us again. After reconfirmation you can then book and pay for the lesson on this page

Rain Plan
In case of rain, we can move the location of the lesson to this location under one of the buildings. The location of the lesson will be coordinated before the lesson starts with our coordination phone +31 6 28829224 through Whatsapp, or by phone (normal phone, no WhatsApp calls)

The have multiple teachers working with us, but not all teachers are able to come to Amstelveen so we will do our best to match you.

All our teachers can speak both Dutch and English.

Our teacher will be on the Onderuit Skatepark exactly at the agreed on time. If he/she is 5 minutes late, then please call (normal phone, no WhatsApp call) our coordinator on +31 6 28829224.

We need to have received a canceling at most 4 working hours before a lesson starts. The time of sending is irrelevant for this. Take into account that we only check the WhatsApp once a day and also only on working days. What matters is when we receive the canceling so If there is less than a day, then it is best to call (normal phone, no WhatsApp call) our coordinator on +31 6 28829224, so that you know that it is received.

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