All spare parts for the FRX/FR3 skates

All spare parts for the FRX/FR3 skates

This page features all available spare parts for the FR3, FRx, FRj and FRw type skates.
If you are in doubt what type of skate model you have, you can always drop us a message at our CONTACT FORM

This skate has a removable liner. If you want to replace the liner, then we recommend FR brand liners for this skate.
Intuition brand liners are also always a good option.
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If you want to have more help with choosing liners, then check out our liners buyers guide.
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This skate uses the 165mm mounting standard. That means that all 165mm type frames will fit this skate. It is up to you to consider the length of the frame you want.
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Not sure what an UFS mounting is? There are a few different methods to mount inline skate frames on inline skate boots. Learn more about that and also other aspects of frames in our tutorial.
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The width of all inline skate wheels is 24mm. So when picking wheels, you don’t have to look at that. The diameter however can vary allot.  People always try to ride the maximum wheel size possible. This maximum size depends on the type of frame used on your skate.
If you have the stock frame for this skate, then most likely you need 80mm sized wheels and you can find them here.
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If you want help choosing a wheels, then be sure to read our buyers guide to help with the differences.
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In this skates are a type of bearing called the 608 bearings. The 608 is a size standard so if you buy any 608 bearing it will fit your skate.
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If you want help choosing a good bearing, then check out our bearing buyers guide.
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Other parts and pieces
All other parts and pieces like bolts and buckles and soulplates that fit your skate can be found here below.

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