Thisissoul Team

Being a Thisissoul team rider means being one of the BEST. This is a group of people that are not only great skaters, but also some of the most cool, kind and productive skaters out there. This family of skaters works hard on promoting the sport by showing their skills to the big public. They make skate video content by working with great filmers and photographers. You can find the Thisissoul Team at all the big european contest doing their thing, If you ever see one of them in real life, then do not be afraid to say hi or ask for an autograph.

Bas Bavinck

Bas only rediscovered skating in 2020. He quickly got addiceted again and dove straight in organizing events and community gatherings in his home town Utrecht.

If there would ever be a wizard style skating competition in The Netherlands, then he would for sure be the man to place your bets on.

Check out his instagram if you want to be inspired by somebody floating over the tarmac.

Pascal Tan

He won all the junior championships from the age of 12 to 16 and made a street skating profile about every two years for as long as he has been skating. At the age of 15 he was the first rider sponsered by Thisissoul.

As a professional career he started acting at a young age, graduated Cum Laude from Media and Culture at the University of Amsterdam and developed a career as a TV host.

He is now the presenter of the TV programme Klokhuis, which makes him a well for any kid below the age of 12.

Jelle Briggeman

Jelle Briggeman

Nobody goes faster, higher and bigger then Jelle does. Ever since he was a kid, Jelle liked to take his skating skills to the extreme by doing huge transfers, grinds, airs and wallrides. This earned him quite a few medals along the way.

Jelle is a critical thinker and uses this skill now as a product designer. He studied Industrial Design at the Rotterdam University and did an internship at Powerslide to create their latest crash pants.

You can find Jelle at any big contest lacing huge tricks. Follow him on one of his social media channel listed here to the right to keep yourself updated. 

Erik Droogh

If you ever went to any skate event in Europe, then you must have seen Erik there. Erik started skating pretty late in his life but as soon as he noticed the thriving culture of the sport he made an effort to indulge himself in it.

Erik has a good solid base of safe tricks that he can do with his eyes closed which makes him a perfect competition skater.

With a nickname as "big focking dutch" he makes himself well known by being the friendly giant at skate events. He does not only attends then but also organizes some of them and helps to push the sport together with Blading NL.

Jaro Frijn

Jaro Frijn

Little kids grow up so fast. Jaro evolved from a little snotnose kid to be one of the top skaters in the world. He trains for competitions allot with fellow teamrider Jelle.

He is going all in as a pro athlete because even the univercity he choose is the Johan Cruiff sports academy.

Professionally he is following in the footsteps of teamrider Pascal. When P. left the television show Checkpoint, Jaro was selected to replace him making him now wel known by a big auddience of little Dutch kids.


Jackie Schrooten

Jackie Schrooten

Jackie is the best Female skater from the Netherlands and lives in Amsterdam. She can be seen most skating her local park the Zeeburgereiland Skatepark.

Originally she is from Rotterdam so she has allot of experience skating big parks and doing big tricks in them.

Her other sponsors are Razors Skates and Unlabeled clothing. Fun fact about Jackie is that her boyfriend is legandary Amsterdam skater Daan Hegt. Check out her socials to keep up with her skating