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Cilinder Bearing 8mm Spacers 1 pcs

Cilinder Bearing 8mm Spacers 1 pcs

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  • Description

    There are 2 bearings in every wheel and between these bearings is a bearing spacer.

    The Undercover bearing spacers fit any skate wheel.
    1 Piece

  • Product Specifications

    Bearing_spacer_type 8mm Cilinder
    Color Grey
    Sold per per piece


    Here be informations.
  • General info about Bearing Spacers

    Bearing spacers are small cylindrical pieces of metal or plastic that sit between the bearings in your inline skate wheels. They help to keep the bearings in place and ensure that your skates roll smoothly and safely.

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    General info about Bolts + Spacers

    Bolts are the vital bits and pieces that keep your skate together. Whether is attaching the frame to the boot or the buckle to the cuff, a bolt is what keeps it in place.

    Spacers are small pieces of metal or plastic that keep other parts of your skates in the right place and make sure that your skates function properly.

    There are many different types of bolts and spacers:
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  • About Undercover

    Underover produces inline skate wheels. The company is dedicated to producing the highest quality wheels for recreational and aggressive inline skating.