Zafiro 72mm/88A
Zafiro 72mm/88A
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Zafiro 72mm/88A

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Matter wheels are arguably the best wheels ever made. Matter puts a lot of thought and technology into their wheels and this results into long-lasting and extremely fast wheels. Matter wheels are well known in the speed skating scene. All top riders ride Matter.
We highly suggest to try Matter wheels for your freeskate or powerblade setup; once you go Matter you never go back!

There are 4 wheels in one set.
Size: 72mm
Hardness: F1 (more info on F-scale can be found here)
Allround wheel; 608 hub; very fast and long lasting, perfect for slides; new PU formula

Additional information

Color Blue
Hardheid 88A
Wheel diameter 72mm
Wheel profile Point
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Category : wheels