Inline Skate Rental/ Verhuur Vondelpark Amsterdam
Inline Skate Rental/ Verhuur Vondelpark Amsterdam

Inline Skate Rental/ Verhuur Vondelpark Amsterdam

Thisissoul Academy
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We are using the Classic Roces FCO model skates. They will never go out of Fashion!  The skates are in a decent condition and are checked regurarely.


Pickup / Click and Collect

If you order this product on our webshop, you can come by any day from 12 to 18 hours to pick up the skates at our store at the Overtoom 327, Amsterdam.

Making a reservation like this online is however not really necessary, you can always come by and pick up skates in our store. We have plenty of rental skates and barely ever run out.


We need a deposit when you get the skates. This needs to be something that you leave behind and it needs to be something of value to ensure that you come back with our precious skates.
ID card or Drivers Licences are ok. 
OV, Bank, Credit or Insurance cards are NOT ok.

Prizing / Duration

The first day is 10 euro's if you return it before closing time.  Doesnt matter if you skate 20 minutes, or 4 hours. 

Each extra night that you keep it it costs 5 euro's extra.

Protection is included in the price. 


We have sizes from 25 till 49. The colors might be a bit different but most will be black 

When picking up the skates at or store (overtoom327, Amsterdam) you can say your size and we will get the right pair for you.


We have a helmet, kneeguards, wristgards and elbow guards for people who would like to use them. 

There is no extra charge for the protection.

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