Swiss 16-pack bearings

Swiss 16-pack bearings

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One of the most common questions about bearings, is “What ABEC are those?” but a better question should be, what does ABEC mean? Basically ABEC is a rating system for the tolerances in a bearings. The higher the number, for example ABEC 9, the less the tolerance in the bearing. Having smaller tolerances means that your bearing will spin faster, for longer.

The Wicked ABEC 9 bearings are the highest rated in the ABEC collection.
chrome steel balls sit securely inside a nylon cage. The bearing is lubricated with Kyodo grease. BE WICKED.

Wicked Swiss bearings are the benchmark of performance bearings around the world, so for that reason WCD teamed up with Jesa to design a high-performance product that ensures anyone who uses it, will have not only the fastest, but also the longest lasting bearings in the world. When world class athletes such as Bart Swings spend countless hours refining their physical condition, they also demand the best material, that’s why he chooses the Swiss bearings. If you are looking for a no-nonsense performance package, you have to choose WCD Swiss. BE WICKED.

  • Bearings: 7 balls, chrome steel
  • Shields: Z-steel shield
  • Cage: T9H bearing cage
  • Oil: Multi temp SLR lubrication used
  • Special feature: 608 bearings

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Additional information

Color Grey
Material Metal
Shield type 608ZZ - Metaal shield aan beide kanten