USD Transformer 2017

USD Transformer 2017

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Catering for the future of our sport, we created a skate that is size adjustable, which is just what youngsters with growing feet need.

We know that skaters who want to learn to skate aggressively need to be taken seriously, and unlike many other brands or superstore skates, we provide the perfect setup to allow the skater to achieve any of the tricks veterans of the sport can do on their full sized skates. The skates come with soulplates with a royale groove, grooved Kizer midget frames and USD wheels. – This ain’t no toy!

Perfect for all the youngsters out there with growing feet, The USD Transformer skate comes with the high quality Kizer midget frame, a flat setup of USD wheels and Bearings and is size adjustable from: 33-36/1-3/1-3,5/EU/UK/US and 37-40/3,5-7/4,5-7 EU/UK/US.

Additional information

Color Black
Liner Hardboot (removable liner)
Skate frame montage UFS mount
Skate sizing type Adjustable (typical for kids skates)
Wheel diameter 55mm