Throne cuff Billy O'neill

Throne cuff Billy O'neill

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  • Description

    Billy O'neill cuff in black suited for all USD Throne models.

    The cuff is sold in a pair without hardware or buckle.

    1 set = a right and a left cuff.

  • Product Specifications

    Color Black


    Here be informations.
  • General info about Cuffs

    The Cuff is the upper part of a skate that flexes forward. There are no cuff standards unfortunately so skaters are mostly stuck with the aftermarket cuffs that their own brand offers with these exceptions:

    • Rollerblade and Roces have a shared history in the 80's and still have the same cuff 
    • FR and Sabe have split up in 2018 and also have the same cuff system for their FR model and CJ/SX model skates. These cuffs do have sizes, but this only increases the height of the cuff, and does not change weither they fit or not.
    • Razors and Remz have a co-ownership and share the same Cuff system ever since the Remz 2003 models came out.
  • About USD

    USD produces aggressive inline skates. The company was founded in 1998 as Up Side Down and soon changed the name to Universal Skate Design. The...