Xsjado 2.0 Soulplate white
Xsjado 2.0 Soulplate white
Xsjado 2.0 Soulplate white

Xsjado 2.0 Soulplate white

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This is the new Xsjado 2.0 soulplate, available in four sizes XS,S,M and L.

The new size S is the same length as the old size S soulplate and the new size L soulplate is the same length of the old size L.

The mounting for the cuff has stayed the same so all old size S cuffs can also fit on both the new size S soulplate and the size XS soulplate.

The soulplate is sold in set of 2. bolts are included. The toe strap is not included.

The mounting  sizes are the same for both the 1.0 and 2.0 cuff . There are two cuff sizes. An XS-S cuff will fit the XS and S size soulplate. The M-L cuff will fit on the M and the L soulplate.

Size XS = 36-40
Size S = 41-42
Size M = 43-44
Size L - 45-48

Note that all Xsjado 1.0 and 2.0 branded parts are exactly the same as the USD Shadow branded 1.0 and 2.0 parts and also the same as the Powerslide Doop branded parts. They are all compatible. It is basically the same product under a slightly different name.

Product Specifications
Color White
About the brand
USD began in 1998 as Up Side Down and soon changed it name to Universal Skate Design. They are the pioneer in customization. read more

Information on Soulplates

The soulplate is what differentiates any freestyle skate from an aggressive skate. It is the piece of plastic...
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