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"Around 10 months ago the four of us were gathered in barcelona for a little more than a week. The initial plan was to make an edit from that week but we all got good amounts of footage so the idea of making a video grew.
We always have a good time when we travel together so paying for travels and all that come with it has not been a pain in the ass. The excitement of seeing your homies, new spots and like minded bladers is worth it all.
Valo brought us together and has been supporting and believing in us and what we do for numerous years now. This is our way to pay that back, but basically we are just four homies who ride the same blades.
The video is a fully DIY project and besides the fact that a little money to cover some of our travel expenses would be sweet, we all feel responsible to charge a little for this video. We need to point out that good quality content should be worth something no matter if it is a dvd or a download. And know that every little penny you'd spend on this gets split equally among the four of us". - Kåre Lindberg

Supported by:
Balas Perdidas
The BlackJack Project

Kåre Lindberg
Olav Norheim
Antonio Alvarez ("Cheetah")
Patrick Ridder
And many More...

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Color White
About the brand
Valo started in 2003 and was founded by Jon Julio. The original skate uses the Roces Majestic 12 shell and cuff. read more

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