Valo TV.2.5 JJ - LE

Valo TV.2.5 JJ - LE

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Valo brings back their Hemp skin with this smooth black colorway. The Valo TV 2.5 Hemp Skate also features Valo's redesigned soul plates which consist of their 2 piece system to make them feel more solid and to help you slide smoother on grinds.

These skates come with memory buckles to make sure your buckle settings are always the same every time you put your skates on. They have low cut Valo team liners that fit the skates perfectly to offer your feet the ultimate comfort and have a neoprene toe area to help protect your toes.

The Valo TV.2 skates come complete with one of the best stock frames that features a symmetrical design and strong 8mm axles and 4 Valo brand team 58mm 88a wheels loaded with ABEC 5 bearings as well as Valo 42mm anti rockers to allow for unrestricted grinding.

  • Only 500 pairs made, every pair has his unique number
  • 2 Piece Valo soul plate system
  • Memory buckle
  • Low cut Valo pro team liner w/ neoprene toes
  • New low cuff
  • Valo frames
  • 58mm 88a Valo brand wheels
  • Abec 5 bearings
  • Made in Italy

Additional information

Color Black
Liner Hardboot (removable liner)
Skate frame montage UFS mount
Skate sizing type Dual sizing (typical for hardboots)
Wheel diameter 58mm