Team 57mm/90A
Team 57mm/90A
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Team 57mm/90A

Ground Control
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This is the first ever Ground Control Wheel. The company recently shifted from exclusively making frames to adding a range of wheels to their catalog. Maybe due to their simultaunisly released BIG frames that neede BIG 72mm wheels.

Wheel Graphics by Stefan Brandow.
A set containts 4 wheels Diameter: 57mm Hardness: 90A

Ground Control is an American brand best known for their Frames, Their riders are pro skaters like Martin Danning, Josh Glowicki, Nils Jansons.
Make sure that the diameter is correct for your type skate, the width of inline skate wheels are always the same, If you are not sure these wheels will fit your skate, you can always contact us

More information about wheels in general here:

More information about ground control wheels can be found here:

Additional information

Bearings Bearings not included
Color Black
Hardheid 90A
Wheel diameter 57mm
Wheel profile Flat
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Category : wheels