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Thisissoul Academy

Summer Skatecamp 2019

Summer Skatecamp 2019

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  • Description

    This year we are going to make sure Dutch skaterkids have an awesome summer. For the fourth time there will be a Thisissoul camp full of skating, learning, making friends and enjoying the skatelifestyle. The teachers...

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    This year we are going to make sure Dutch skaterkids have an awesome summer. For the fourth time there will be a Thisissoul camp full of skating, learning, making friends and enjoying the skatelifestyle. The teachers are Ivo Vegter and Davy Wouda. Our cook is Chef Sjoerd! This will all take place in Deventer. We will sleep on a camp site and skate mostly in the Burnside indoor skatepark.

    The dates are:
    - 15th - 17th of august


    Our goal is to create a strong coherent sport with matching subculture. During the days in Deventer the Campers will be taught about the roots of the sport, healthy lifestyle and all the things you can do on skates like hockey, grinding, airing, gapping, stairbashing and skating around.


    Purchase this product to register. Also send us an mail with the name of the camper and of the parent. telephone camper, age camper, telephone parent, name parent, We will call you to talk a bit more about the camp and to see if there are any special desires like sleeping hours, allergies, etc.


    The camp will be filled with exciting things to do. Every part of the day there will be something to learn.

    Yoga class is something we do because of the importance in stretching and preparing your body for the day ahead. We take about 30/45 minutes after breakfast to share some yoga/breathing/stretching

    Flight school is where we take the time during the day to specially teach kids how to fly! We train launch box or quarter pipes. Let’s face it, every kid dreams of learning a flip. Here we are able to start from the ground up teaching how to proper ride and ramp and eventually into launching it.

    The movie night is where we all sit down with the kids and watch old edits, old videos and whatnot to properly educate the campers on the roots with heroes like Chris Edwards and Arlo Eisenberg that they may of never heard of.

    We will also take the kids street skating for a few hours one day near the end of the camp. We've seen the campers pull out some crazy stuff on the streets!

    We hold daily actives. These include such fun games as

    - Tag/ chase
    - Race around the skate park
    - Day session


    Here we take the time to explain the importance in proper nutrition to have a future in skating. Breakfast is the best time for us to do this. In a previous camp we watched the kids transform from a Coke Cola candy bar breakfast diet into Eating bananas and apples for snacks.

    All food is included in the price of the camp


    We will sleep in a campsite in Deventer for 2 nights. All skaters must bring their own tent or share a tent with a friend.


    Thursday 15-08-18

    11:00 meet at the camping and socialize with your new friends
    11:30 find a camp spot and set up the tent.
    12:30 get some food and go skating to the skatepark.
    13:00 yoga.
    13:30 session
    15:00 healthy snack + swmming
    16:00 flight school
    17:00 session
    18:00 diner
    19:00 Evening session
    20:00 back to the camp site
    21.00 make a bonfire and roast a marshmellow

    Friday 16-08-18
    09:00 wakeup / eat / make lunch
    10:00 yoga class
    10:30 skate to the first spot
    11:00 grind lesson.
    12:30 to the next spot
    14:00 back in the skatepark, chilling/ swimming
    17:00 race
    18:00 food
    18:30 Evening Session
    20:00 back to the camp site
    20:30 movie night
    21.30 make a bonfire and roast a marshmallow

    Saturday 17-08-18
    09:00 wakeup / eat
    10:00 yoga class
    10:30 pack down tents + clean up camp site. + put stuff in the car
    11:30 skate to the skatepark
    12:00 food
    12:15 morning session
    13:30 competition training
    15:00 session/swimming
    16:00 demo from the campers (parents are invited to come early and watch)
    18:00 skatepark closes

    What the campers need

    - backpack for streetskating
    - swimming gear + towel
    - their own water bottle
    - tooth brush
    - a tent + mattrass + blanket
    - umberella


    The total price of the camp will be 250 euro for 3 days.

    - summer Camps t-shirt
    - camping
    - meals and snacks
    - activities
    - lessons
    - camp guides


    Dropoff: Camping the Worp, Worp 12, Deventer
    Pickup: Burnside Skatepark, Sint Olafstraat 6, Deventer

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    Locatie Deventer Burnside (indoor)


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