Abec 7 bearing 16 pack
Abec 7 bearing 16 pack
Abec 7 bearing 16 pack
Abec 7 bearing 16 pack

Abec 7 bearing 16 pack

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Sonic ABEC7 Skate Bearings are built using high-precision, heat treated balls and races that are made of some the highest quality Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel. To lighten the bearing and to dampen vibration, Sonic uses a polymer cage rather than brass or steel. The labyrinth seals do an excellent job keeping the bearing clean without slowing the skater down.

Precision honed races & balls

Deep groove raceways & premium Japanese SUJ2 chrome steel withstand hardest turns & stops

Labyrinth seal defends against dirt & debris to extend bearing life

Nylon ball retainer – lighter, quieter & faster than a metal cage

Pre-lubricated with Sonic Super Gel – remove non-contact rubber seals for easy cleaning

16 bearings/pack

Sonic is a brand started by cliff chai, they are known for designing new first-to-market skate products, like for example: Citrus cleaners, Grip juice ,Pro tool with both a bearing pusher and extractor, and Turbo wash bearing cleaning system

Want to learn more about the ins and outs of skate bearings? Then read our Buyers guide here:

Additional information

Color Red
Material Metal
Shield type 6082RS - Rubber shield aan beide kanten