Snowskate - Slider
Snowskate - Slider
Snowskate - Slider
Snowskate - Slider

Snowskate - Slider

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 The two sloths of the snowskate sliders can fit in most inline skate frames. You just take out the wheels and use the included hardware to mount  the slider in the spot where the wheels were. Only the front and back wheel axle is used for this.

pro tip: Avoid wet feet! take out your liner, put a plastic shopping bag over it, and put the liner back in the skate. This will limit the amount of snow that gets in your skates and make your feet wet.

The distance between the center of front and the back wheel/axle can be anywhere between 23,5cm and 31.5cm.

The Snowsliders fit on the most frames likes:
- Kizer Fluid 1, 2 and 3
- Kizer Slimline
- Kizer Type M (take out H-block)
- Kizer Element 2 (take out H-block)
- Kizer Soulframes (take out H-block)
- Ground Control Featherlite
- Ground Control Formula 1
- Fifty/50 Balance
- Fifty/50 Prime
- Sola
- FR/SEBA/Powerslide/Rollerblade/etc 80mm Freestyle frames
- 90mm freestyle frames
- 80/90/100mm Endless/Wizard/NN frames


They will not fit on these frames:
- Kizer Fluid V
- Them frames
- Xsjado Mook
- Ground Control Featherlite freestyle
- Ground Control Formula 1 XS
- Ground Control Mega
- Ground Control BIG
- Kaltik Flat
- Kaltik Freestyle
- Oysi Medium and Chasis

 All needed hardware is included.

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