SL Soulframe mint
SL Soulframe mint
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SL Soulframe mint

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This part is the base of the Razors Superlight (SL) type skates. The soul frame is the platform that’s holding the boot and frame together. It's made of a super tough, fiberglass-reinforced Nylon plastic increasing the stiffness and responsiveness of the skate. It also guaranties full transfer of power which is especially important when using bigger frames for recreation and speed.

For every shell size there is a different soulframe
- size 39-40
- size 41-42
- size 43-45
- size 46-47

If you are not sure if this part will fit your skate, or if you are not sure what size to order, then you are always welcome to send us a message

Additional information

Color Green
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Information about soulplates

Category : soulplates
The soulplate is what differentiates any freestyle skate from an aggressive skate. It is the piece of plastic mounted between the boot and the frame and it is used solely to grind on.
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