Sabbath Wheels of Confusion 58mm/89A

Sabbath Wheels of Confusion 58mm/89A

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hredweiser is proud to announce that after a long search for a higher quality urethane, we have finally found a new manufacturer and will no longer be working with Labeda. We have had on going issues with the quality of Labeda wheels and have decided to move on. We are extremely stoked to be working with a new manufacturer that has been involved with blading for nearly two decades and a much higher quality, durable, long lasting wheel pour. As we are just a few weeks away from the release of our new pour, we are pleased to bring you..

The Shredweiser Sabbath Wheels of Confusion - 58mm - 89A

Additional information

Bearings Bearings not included
Color Black
Hardheid 89A
Wheel diameter 58mm
Wheel profile Flat