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Macroblade 90 Blue

Macroblade 90 Blue

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  • Description

    Macroblade 90 is the quintessential model for someone looking to upgrade up from their older skates and wants to skate a little faster. 90mm is a great "go to" size for wheels and the fit and support of the Macroblade 90 is incredible. The higher boot design helps add more stability when learning to ride taller 90mm wheels thus creating a better sense of stability and control when skating. The liner utilizes engineered mesh for a added breathability, sock like comfort and has all the cushioning one could need to make learning how to skate much more pleasant. The aluminum frame adds more power transfer and durability. The closure system is easy to use and secures the foot to maximize fit and comfort. The wheel/bearing set up is ideal for skaters to have the right amount of speed and control without going too fast. Brake is on the skate.
    HIGH PERFORMANCE SKATES for the fitness enthusiast who wants a little more lateral support for stability while looking to train, exercise or skate faster.
    FLEX AND LATERAL SUPPORT is ideal in the Macroblade structure. The higher cuff provides extra stability to help with balance & hold the foot securely during the stride.
    COMFORTABLE ATHLETIC SHOE ENGINEERED MESH UPPER has padding in the tongue and ankle areas to cushion the feet. Buckle, powerstrap and lace lock closure secure the feet with added breathability.
    TWINBLADE ALUMINUM 11" FRAME is durable and helps keep skaters closer to the ground with its low profile design for enhanced speed, balance and stability.
    ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS 90mm/85A wheels blend speed and control perfectly. SG9 bearing spin is superior and helps provide the appropriate speed.
    Cuff buckle, 45° strap and lace with speed laces
    Macroblade, engineered mesh
    Rollerblade 90mm/84A
    Twinblade Alu (max 90mm) 280mm/11"
    Performance Form Fit, Training footbed
    On the skate
  • Product Specifications

    Amount of wheels 4 Wheels (the standard)
    Axle type Double (mostly for plastic frames)
    Bearings Bearings included
    Brake height adjustable Height not adjustable
    Buckle material Plastic buckle and plastic strap
    Buckle mounting SBM3
    Color Blue
    Forward flex influx linear
    Forward flex scale 70
    Frame material Metal
    Frame type Regular skating
    Frame wheel configuration All the same wheels
    Lace waxed Non-waxed laces
    Liner Softboot (fixed liner)
    Outer wheel diameter 90mm
    Rockering Flat (all wheels touch the ground)
    Skate brake Heel brake included
    Skate frame mounting Not removable
    Skate length True to size
    Skate sizing type Single sizing (typical for softboots)
    Skate width Normal fit
    Sold per per set of 2
    Wheel diameter 90mm
    Wheel light No lights
    Wheel_core_material Plastic - Spokes


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  • About Rollerblade

    Rollerblade produces recreational and aggressive inline skates. The company was the first to successfully market inline skates in the early 1980s.