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Macroblade 80 W Grey

Macroblade 80 W Grey

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  • Description

    Macroblade 80 W is designed for women and ideal for beginners or casual skaters looking for an enhanced entry level skate of higher quality. The secure boot structure, padded liner and an upgraded engineered mesh provide sock-like comfort and lateral support. An aluminum frame improves performance by adding more power transfer and durability. 80mm Performance wheels with SG5 bearings benefit speed as skills advance, upgradable to higher-performance supreme or hydrogen wheels with skater proficiency; brake is standard. Macroblade is an exceptional value for a novice skater.
    IMPROVED FITNESS - Designed for casual inline skating and entry-level training with secure support
    FLEX & LATERAL SUPPORT - Higher cuff provides extra stability for balance and secure foot hold
    FORM FIT PERFORMANCE LINER WITH ENGINEERED MESH - Comfort padding and breathability in the tongue/ankle areas with buckle, power strap and lace closure system
    TWINBLADE ALUMINUM FRAME - Durable 264mm/10.4” - 279mm/11” low-profile design for enhanced balance and stability
    ROLLERBLADE PERFORMANCE WHEELS - 80mm/82A wheels and SG5 bearings for better wear and moderate speed; upgradable to 84mm wheel for added speed
    Cuff buckle, 45° strap, laces
    Macroblade, engineered mesh
    Rollerblade 80mm/82A
    Twinblade Alu (max 84mm) 265mm/10.4"
    Performance Form Fit, Training footbed
    On the skate
  • Product Specifications

    Amount of wheels 4 Wheels (the standard)
    Outer wheel diameter 80mm
    Skate length True to size
    Sold per per set of 2


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  • About Rollerblade

    Rollerblade produces recreational and aggressive inline skates. The company was the first to successfully market inline skates in the early 1980s.