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Blank Soulplate black

Blank Soulplate black

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  • Description

    These replacement soleplates for Blank skates includes a pair of soleplates and mounting hardware. Soleplate size must match the skate size for proper fit and performance. Available in 6 -12.5
    THIS ACCESSORY IS FOR - Replacement soleplates for Blank SK Skates.

    Will also fit the old Rollerblade Solo and Rollerblade  Fusion skates

    Soulplate T-nuts and screws included


  • Product Specifications

    Color Black
    Sold per per set of 2


    Here be informations.
  • General info about Soulplates

    The soulplate is what differentiates any freestyle skate from an aggressive skate. It is the piece of plastic mounted between the boot and the frame and it is used solely to grind on.

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  • About Rollerblade

    Rollerblade produces recreational and aggressive inline skates. The company was the first to successfully market inline skates in the early 1980s.