UFS 5x80mm 324mm black

UFS 5x80mm 324mm black

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ROCKIN’ Frames is a young brand that was founded in Germany in 2021. Rock music is at the heart of everything we do. From personal experience we could tell that rock and metal music tends to bring people together into a chosen family… just like skating does. Our company was born into such a family.
The goal is to create quality diverse, colorful and affordable rockered frames with character for free skating, urban skating and flatground artistic skating that anyone can enjoy. Our slightly rockered frames with bigger wheels are well-balanced and provide both maneuverability and stability while skating. Their low stance and slight forward tilt allow for ergonomics and maximum control. ROCKIN’ Frames have been designed for UFS mounting boots but can also be mounted on most 165mm boots by major brands using our adapters (included in the package).
Do our products actually rock? Hell yeah, they do!

Anything you can imagine being done on inline skates, this frame is awesome for it: pump track, slalom, flat ground, skatepark, city. The extra wheel will give you more stability. It will also make you look especially cool doing it.

Mounting: UFS*
Max wheel size: 5x80mm
Wheelbase: 324mm
Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Finish: Anodize or Powder
Rocker: Art rocker
Color options: Grape Purple / Charcoal Black / DELUXE Grey
Weight**: 425g
* Can be mounted on 165mm mount skates using our adapters
WARNING! Mounting bolts we provide for our adapters do have M6 and M8 thread. These bolts do fit almost every 165mm skate on the market, YET 165mm SEBA and FR skates may have inch thread! We are contacting SEBA to get more detailed information about why some FR skates do have M8 thread and some do have 5/16″ or 3/16″ thread.
** 1 Single frame without axles and adapter

ROCKIN’ 580 Frame (1 Pair)
10 aluminum axles (⌀8mm)
4 UFS mounting bolts
2 UFS to 165mm adapters
2 M6 Mounting bolts for adapters
2 M8 Mounting bolts for adapters
4mm allen tool
You might want to choose the right frame for you based on your skill level*** and your boot size.

Boot size 220-280mm – ROCKIN’ 576 Frame
Boot size 280-300mm – ROCKIN’ 580 Frame
Boot size 290-310mm – ROCKIN’ MIX5 90/80 Frame
Boot size 300-320mm – ROCKIN’ 590 Frame
***We don’t recommend ROCKIN’ 590 Frame for beginners.

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Color Black
Skate frame montage UFS mount