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UFS 5x72mm 292mm black

UFS 5x72mm 292mm black

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  • Description

    ROCKIN’ Frames is a young brand that was founded in Germany in 2021. Rock music is at the heart of everything we do. From personal experience we could tell that rock and metal music tends to bring people together into...

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    ROCKIN’ Frames is a young brand that was founded in Germany in 2021. Rock music is at the heart of everything we do. From personal experience we could tell that rock and metal music tends to bring people together into a chosen family… just like skating does. Our company was born into such a family.
    The goal is to create quality diverse, colorful and affordable rockered frames with character for free skating, urban skating and flatground artistic skating that anyone can enjoy. Our slightly rockered frames with bigger wheels are well-balanced and provide both maneuverability and stability while skating. Their low stance and slight forward tilt allow for ergonomics and maximum control. ROCKIN’ Frames have been designed for UFS mounting boots but can also be mounted on most 165mm boots by major brands using our adapters (included in the package).
    Do our products actually rock? Hell yeah, they do!

    The skating industry constantly evolves, and so do skaters, reaching new heights and exploring new skills. Many talented bladers are showing an interest in combining artistic flatland skating with aggressive skating, and it has not gone unnoticed. We are so proud to present a very special frame that is perfect for exploring this emerging trend of aggressive and artistic skating combined. This rockered frame comes with h-blocks (designed by Thursdayskatedesign in USA), and it is here to give you the best of both worlds. On 5 wheels for pure artistic skating, it brings “swivelness” to a new level while maintaining stability. The 4-wheel + H-block configuration for aggressive skating keeps you agile, so you can freely alternate grinds and artistic moves.
    Most of the junior boots are made for UFS mounting standard so ROCKIN’572 is, among other things, the frame to get junior skaters into artistic skating.

    Warning: Actual colours and design in the product pictures may differ slightly from the actual product.

    5 Wheels (Full artistic mode):

    Being the lowest and shortest of all our frames it brings the “swivelness” on 5 wheels to a whole new level and allows for super sharp moves and combos.

    4 Wheels + H-block (Aggressive / Artistic mode):

    Once the middle wheel is replaced with the ROCKIN’ H-block (designed by Thursdayskatedesign in USA), this frame becomes a fantastic tool for skateparks that opens a whole new world of possibilities while still remaining agile. Use it to add stalls and grinds to your lines. If you have never tried aggressive skating, now is the time, there is nothing holding you back.

    We have made a short list of the grinds one can learn and master using this mode **:

    Frontside grind,
    Backside grind,
    Mizou (Mizu),
    Makio grind,
    Acid grind,
    P-Star grind,
    ** We recommend using safety gear if you are learning new tricks


    Combine flatland sessions with aggressive ones. The gap between full-artistic and aggressive modes is virtually non-existent now, since switching between “modes” only takes a few minutes.

    Mounting: UFS
    Max wheel size: 5x72mm
    Wheelbase: 292mm
    Material: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy
    Finish: Anodize
    Rocker: Art rocker
    Color options: Palladium Grey / Charcoal Black
    Weight*: 385g
    * 1 Single frame without axles and h-block

    ROCKIN’ 572 Frames (1 Pair)
    ROCKIN’ H-Blocks (1 Pair)
    10 aluminum axles (⌀8mm)
    4 UFS mounting bolts (M6x10)
    4 UFS mounting bolts (M6x16)
    4mm allen tool

    – For maximum agility we recommend using bullet profile wheels,
    – For medium agility we recommend using round profile wheels,
    – We don’t recommend using “full profile” wheels with the 572 frames,
    – Be creative and combine the wheels of different hardness and profiles (at your own risk).

    For even wheel wear we would recommend alternating skating on 5 wheels and 4 wheels + H-block.

  • Product Specifications

    Amount of wheels 5 wheels (more stability)
    Color Black
    Frame bearing spacers Bearing spacers included
    Frame length 292mm
    Frame material Metal
    Frame mounting bolts Frame mounting bolts included
    Frame type Flow skating
    Frame wheel configuration All the same wheels
    Outer wheel diameter 72mm
    Rockering Rocker (outer wheels are lifted)
    Skate brake Heel brake not included
    Skate frame mounting UFS mount
    Sold per per set of 2


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  • General info about Wizard Skating

  • About Rockin

    Rockin' Frames produces inline skate frames and clothing.