M12 Lo Bobi Spassov moon
M12 Lo Bobi Spassov moon
M12 Lo Bobi Spassov moon

M12 Lo Bobi Spassov moon

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The Roces Majestic 12 is one of the most iconic skate of all time and now they are also available in charcoal stormy color! In the same series there is also a 5th Element STORM on the market. It is the first dual release of a pro skate yet!

Some of the features:

60mm 93A round profile wheels
Heavy Duty PU (plastic)
Comfortable liner
Low cuff
Old school handle
Product Specifications
Color Grey
Liner Hardboot (removable liner)
Skate frame montage UFS mount
Skate sizing type Dual sizing (typical for hardboots)
Wheel diameter 60mm
About the brand
Roces is one of the top skate manufacturers sinds the 80's. At first they only produced skates for Rollerblade but in 1991 they started to... read more

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