PMS grindplates Long Easy Brown Set

PMS grindplates Long Easy Brown Set

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  • Description

    CDS PMS grindplates Brown Set

    Lenght: 13.5 cm.

  • Product Specifications

    Color Brown
    Frame material Plastic


    Here be informations.
  • General info about H-Blocks & Grindplates

    H-blocks are a part of some aggressive inline skate frames, that have a replaceable middle part. The H-block is the middle part, named so because it looks like the letter H when looking at it from the bottom.

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    General info about Vintage

    All the classic products that we have available within our shop!

  • About CDS

    CDS produces aggressive inline skate parts. The US company from the city of Detroit is best known for the grindplates and wheels it produces.