Pariah - DVD
Pariah - DVD

Pariah - DVD

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This video was created for the sole intention of showcasing badass tricks and new spots. This isn’t an art flick, you won’t see slider shots, lens flares, or time lapses.

This is all about coming back to the concept of all killer, no filler. Go support rollerblading and get it from your local shop.

John Bolino
Alex Broskow
Montre Livingston
Chris Farmer
Ross Kuhn
Paul John
Michael Garlinghouse
Erik Stokley
Marc Moreno
Brian Freeman
Dylan Davis
Nick Labarre

and also featuring footage of:
Chris Haffey
Don Bambrick
Billy O'Neill
Victor Arias
Adam Exline
KC Roche
Kruise Sapstein
Jeph Howard
Chris Dafick
David Sizemore
Andrew Jacuzzi

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