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Bogota cuff strap SBM3 Pair

Bogota cuff strap SBM3 Pair

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  • Description

    Sold in pairs with square ends.

    Straps comes with its own hardware but without the screw receiver.

  • Product Specifications

    Color Blue
    Sold per per set of 2


    Here be informations.
  • General info about Top Buckles

    This is the buckle that sits on the top of your skates and is mounted on the cuff. Top buckles can vary in length but are also easy to cut to the right size.

    They always have 2 mounting bolts (15mm apart) on the outside of the skate, and one mounting bolt on the inside of the skate for the buckle receptor. That means in total there are 3 holes. Buckles that are mounted like this are called SBM3 which stands for Standard Buckle Mount with a total of 3 bolts

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