UFS Flat v2 teal
UFS Flat v2 teal
UFS Flat v2 teal
UFS Flat v2 teal

UFS Flat v2 teal

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This frame is used for aggresive inline skating and allowes skaters to maximize the area to grind on without taking the middle wheels out. The Kaltik Flat v2 frame is UFS, this means it will fit on all modern aggressive inline skates.

Unique about this frame is the rockering options. Each wheel has a frame spacer that can be adjusted to work in two different positions.

Available in two sizes S-M & M-L

Wheel base 260mm = S-M { US 5-9 UK 4-8 EU 37-42 }
Wheel base 282mm = M-L { US 9-13 UK 8-12 EU 42-47 }

 The set includes both left and right

Rockerded down: If you prefer speed, but still want the option of having a groove in between the wheels, then this is a great option. The maximum wheel size will be 68mm

Rockered up: This creates an ideal and classic setup for grinding. The maximum wheel size is 65mm

Rockered Hi/Low: You can see this as an improvement to the rockered up option. The wheels on the outside can be up to 70mm with a differenct of 10mm towards the middle wheels. This means the maximum wheel sizes of the Hi/Lo setup would be 70mm - 60mm - 60mm - 70mm

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Color Blue
Skate frame montage UFS mount
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