ILQ7 bearings 16-pack

ILQ7 bearings 16-pack

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A tough performance bearing, made to take a beating and keep on spinning. Especially designed for rolling sports athletes who are prepared to take a beating, get back up and do it again. Because when you want nail that trick or cruise the street of your favorite city the WCD Twincam ILQ 9 CL is your only choice, just like Roman Abrate.

  • Bearings: 7 Ball, Chrome steel; 16-pack;
  • Shields: Bearing cage of rubber 2RZ
  • Cage: Steel bearing
  • cage Oil: Lubricated with Kyodo grease made in Japan
  • Special feature: 608 bearings

16 bearings in one set 

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Additional information

Color Grey
Material Metal
Shield type 608ZZ - Metaal shield aan beide kanten