Grease Injection

Grease Injection

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Putting grease on your bearings has never been this easy. it includes 50ml of easy to use grease.

Follow these steps:

1. Remove the wheels from the skates and take the bearings out of the wheels.

2. Remove at least one shield from bearings. Use something sharp to do this like a needle or a pushpin.

3. place bearings and other parts in wash container. a bowl or cup is a cheap alternative.
We recommend:
- Powerslide Turbo Wash
- Bones Bearing cleaning unit

4. Add a special cleaning liqued. Soak for a few minutes and swish lightly. Brush slightly with old tootbrush and soak them again for a few minutes. The cleaning liqued can be used 3 or 4 times. just pore it back in to the bottle after you are done.
We recommend:
- Powerslide Citrus Cleaner

5. Remove bearings and allow bearings to dry before lubricating.

6. Grease the bearings with bearing oil or grease. Grease stays in the bearing longer and oil lets you go faster.
We recommend:
- Powerslide Oil
- Powerslide Super Lube
- Powerslide Grease Injection
- Powerslide Grease Spray

7. Put the bearings back together en mount them on your skates.

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