Ice Blade set

Ice Blade set

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These iceblades are designed for freestyle inline skates. NOT aggressive inline skates. For aggressive skates we advice skaters to choose the Ground Control UFS Ice Blades.

 The set includes both left and right

To pick the right size FR Ice Blades you will need to measure the length of your frame from the front axle to the last axle. for example, if you have a standard 4x80mm wheeled skate, then your wheel base is 24.3cm from front to back axle and you need size XL or L

Size Length of the blade used for wheelbase
XL 30.5 cm 24.0 cm - 28.0 cm
L 29.0 cm 22.7 cm - 26.0 cm
M 26.7 cm 20.6 cm - 24.1 cm
S 25.3 cm 19.4 cm - 22.9 cm








Additional information

Color Grey
Skate frame mounting Frame non-removable
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