UFS Naked frame white
UFS Naked frame white

UFS Naked frame white

Create Originals
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The Series 2 frame core features construction made from an all new mold, manufacturing process, and is made from a new reinforced material composition which is much stronger, lighter weight, faster sliding, and has greater wear resistance than previous models. The frames also come in a new assortment of colors to choose from, adding to the already endless possibilities of customization. The frames hold a 59mm max wheel size on the outside wheels and 57mm max wheel size for flat rocker setup. Size Small Frames fits boot sizes 5 - 8.5 US/ 4 - 7.5 UK. Size Large Frames fit boot sizes 9 - 13 US/ 8 - 12 UK.

This set includes:
- 2x frames
- 8x axle bolts
- 16x frame spacers

Create Originals is a frame- and apparel brand from the U.S.A, 100% skater owned by legendary pro skater Billy O'Neill. They are known for their Graphic Display frame which lets you put your own design on your frame.
Team riders are for example Alex Broskow, Billy O`Neill, Montre Livingston, and Sean Kelso.
you can read more about them here:


The frame is the bottom of a skate that holds the wheels. It is mounted to the boots with 2 or 3 bolts. There are a couple of different mounting types, Learn more about the ways to mount your frames here:

Product Specifications
Color White
Skate frame montage UFS mount
About the brand
Create Originals
100% Skater owned by Billy O'Neill, Hakeem Jimoh, and Brian Lewis. read more

Information on Frames

Frames are a vital part of your inline skate. They attach to the boot of your skate and hold...
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