UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic
UFS CRS suspension frame basic

UFS CRS suspension frame basic

Create Originals
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One set of the Basic frame set includes:

- 16x urethane pieces.

- 8x axles

- 16x metal suspension spacers

- 2x frames (1x left and 1x right)


The revolutionary Create Originals CRS suspension frame makes sure that you have a smooth ride.

The "Custom Ride System" frame utilizes a patent pending axle mounted Spacer Slider Shock Absorption system.

The Spacer Sliders allow each attached inline skate wheel to independently move upwards against a small urethane dampener embedded in the frame wall.

Vibrations from uneven pavement and the impact forces from harsh landings that occur while inline skating can be reduced or completely eliminated. This system can be precisely tuned to each individuals desired ride comfort & suggested weight specification.

Some of the advantages of the CRS Frame include easy customization and fine tuning of the rider experience with endless options to potentially choose from. With such few parts involved it is also, without a doubt, the lightest suspension inline frame system ever created.

Features of the CRS system include customizable shock absorbing capabilities, simple interchangeable parts, and multiple ride setup options.

Custom Ride System UFS Frame Features:

  • Patent Pending Fully Customizable Urethane Suspension Frame Spacer Slider System with 4mm Max Travel.
  • Completely Symmetrical, Rotatable, & Replaceable Single Piece Core Construction.
  • Minimal Side Wall Grind Space & 3mm Recessed Hardware ensures The Fastest & Smoothest Sliding Available.
  • Extra Wide Split System Groove.
  • Same Tried & True Precisely Angled & Curved H-Block Pocket for Perfectly Balanced Groove Tricks as on our Graphic Display Frame.
  • CRS Freestyle G-Blocks Allow for all Setup Option Possibilities (Flat Rocker, Anti Rocker, Freestyle, & Tri Rocker).
  • Rockerable Rigid Solid Spacers Allow for Standard Hi-Lo Setup.
  • 59mm Max Flat, Anti, & Freestyle Setup with Suspension Spacers.
  • 8mm Stainless Steel Custom CRS Axles.


14x8 axles

Create Originals is a frame- and apparel brand from the U.S.A, 100% skater owned by legendary pro skater Billy O'Neill. They are known for their Graphic Display frame which lets you put your own design on your frame.
Team riders are for example Alex Broskow, Billy O`Neill, Montre Livingston, and Sean Kelso.
you can read more about them here:


The frame is the bottom of a skate that holds the wheels. It is mounted to the boots with 2 or 3 bolts. There are a couple of different mounting types, Learn more about the ways to mount your frames here:

Product Specifications
Color Black
Skate frame montage UFS mount
About the brand
Create Originals
100% Skater owned by Billy O'Neill, Hakeem Jimoh, and Brian Lewis. read more

Information on Frames

Frames are a vital part of your inline skate. They attach to the boot of your skate and hold...
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