UFS Naked frame grey

UFS Naked frame grey

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The Series 2 frame core features construction made from an all new mold, manufacturing process, and is made from a new reinforced material composition which is much stronger, lighter weight, faster sliding, and has greater wear resistance than previous models. The frames also come in a new assortment of colors to choose from, adding to the already endless possibilities of customization. The frames hold a 59mm max wheel size on the outside wheels and 57mm max wheel size for flat rocker setup. Size Small Frames fits boot sizes 5 - 8.5 US/ 4 - 7.5 UK. Size Large Frames fit boot sizes 9 - 13 US/ 8 - 12 UK.

This set includes:
- 2x frames
- 8x axle bolts
- 16x frame spacers

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Color Grey