Concrete +G red 80mm/84A

Concrete +G red 80mm/84A

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Hyper Concrete +G red wheels.

80mm - 84A
Urban skate style wheel.

A heavy performance hub that lasts like the Circle8 combined with +G Formula, grants better performance on all urban surfaces. This is the wheel that every free-skater must have! Not all skaters are working on their hourglass figure. Urban tough, Hyper Freestyle (Aggressive) wheels are built to withstand the punishment of the toughest skating conditions any where, any time.

Hyper wheels have been around since 1987, and are always striving towards a better skating experience.

Make sure that the diameter is correct for your type skate, the width of inline skate wheels are always the same, If you are not sure these wheels will fit your skate, you can always contact us

More information about wheels in general here:

More information about hyper wheels can be found here:

Product Specifications
Bearings Bearings not included
Color Red
Hardheid 84A
Wheel diameter 80mm
Wheel profile Round
About the brand
Hyper has been making skate wheels since the 90s, right now they make wheels for aggressive and fitness skates. read more

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