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Arcena - Wolfpack

Arcena - Wolfpack

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  • Description

    If you've heard of Arcena before, you know their second video is going to be a...

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    If you've heard of Arcena before, you know their second video is going to be a banger. If you haven't, or if you've been quick to dismiss the small, independent French brand, be ready to stand corrected. Today's the release of their new team video's trailer, and guess what? It's available for your viewing pleasure right below. Get excited. Press play. Then get even more excited: the pack of wolves is just about to be released.

    Not only is this video aesthetically pleasing, delicately filmed and chopped by master chief Valentin Tuil, but the casting might very well make it a master piece as well. It's no surprise almost everyone in this has been featured on this very website before. Be it for the skaters, the artists & support crew, or even the brand itself, we all share the same vision, and thus it seemed just right to work together on the release of this exciting project.

    Yes, I've used the word "excitement" a bunch of times already, but by now you should have watched the Wolfpack trailer a few times, and I'm sure you understand why a whole lot better. So be ready for more to drop soon, as 4 individual trailers will be uploaded in the upcoming weeks. All featuring one of the main skaters, they should help you wait until the actual video release in May. Be excited. Because we sure are, and the wolves are hungry.

    Nicolas Auroux
    Allan Beaulieu
    Clement Boucau
    Louis Vilar
    et David Aubert

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  • About Arcena

    Arcena produces clothing. It was founded in Montpellier, France and is closely related to the aggressive inline skate scene there.