Ankle Strap SBM2 Aeon pair

Ankle Strap SBM2 Aeon pair

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Black ankle strap for Aeon skates.

All sizes ankle straps fit on each skate, the sizing is just for the length, If you want a shorter or a longer strap, then just pick a size smaller or bigger.

Size 1: 39-40 // 16cm from bolt to bolt

Size 2: 41-44 // 17.5cm from bolt to bolt

Size 3: 45-46 // 19cm from bolt to bolt

Hardware included

These type of buckles or straps all have only one hole on both sides. They only vary in length. As long as the length will work, you can use any brand buckle on any brand boot.

Buckles that are mounted like this are called SBM2 which stands for Standard Buckle Mount with a total of 2 bolts.

Additional information

Color Black