TBT v2 High Rollers VHS
TBT v2 High Rollers VHS
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TBT v2 High Rollers VHS

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This video is made and produced by T-Bone, also known for being the behind the epic HOAX series. This Is T-Bone TV Vol 2 (TBTv2)


  • Arlo Eisenberg
  • Chris Edwards
  • Randy spizer
  • Jon Julio
  • Josh Petty
  • Campion Baumstimler
  • The Riggler
  • Mike Opalek
  • T.J. Webber
  • Bryan Bell
  • Matt Salerno

Important: VHS tapes have been used before but are in good condition. Because of their age, some wear will be visible on the covers.

Aggressive Inline skating emmerged in the VHS era. In these old video's you can really see the progression of the sport. The first inline skate video was Dare to Air, made in 1993. In this video the skaters are still using 72mm recreational skates and they can barely grind and a few years later the skaters are doing insane combo's on REAL aggressive skates!

After Dare to Air the Hoax series and the Video Groove series came up. They had a big influence on our culture. Because this was the only way skaters got to see the new tricks that were invented by pro's. In a world without Youtube and websites, big brands like Senate, Roces and MindGame made team video's as their main marketing tool.

We created a movement called #angryyouth.
Angry Youth is all about showing the roots of our culture.
We will do three things:
- We digitalized all the tapes and we will put them on Angryyouthcinema.com so that you can watch them there.
- The physical VHS tapes will be available for purchase on Thisissoul.com.
- And once every month we will get together in a creative studio in Amsterdam east with a group of skate enthusiasts.
Specially for this occasion we created a little cinema and a bar there studio. Each month we screen one of the tapes and drink beers afterwards.
Check our This is Soul Facebook for more information about the upcoming Angry Youth Cinema events! Entrance is free!

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