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Shift Cosmo liner

Shift Cosmo liner

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  • Description

    Replacement liner from the Razors Shift Cosmo skate.
    This liner fits works great in all Razors skates but could also be used in most other hardboot skates.

    The set includes both left and right

  • Product Specifications

    Color Black
    Liner cut Straight Cut
    Liner thickness 25mm
    Liner toe box No Neoprene


    Here be informations.
  • General info about Liners

     Liners are the padded inner part of a hardboot skate that translate the movement of your feet to your skate. There are many different types of liners you can use to adjust your skating experience.

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  • About Razors

    Razors Skate Co. produces aggressive inline skates. The US company was founded by Andy Wegener in the 1990s and has been a hallmark of the...