Metatron 54/88A 4-pack

Metatron 54/88A 4-pack

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Eulogy released the new Metatron wheels in 54mm/88A.

These wheels are perfect for aggressive skating in skateparks or on the streets. The wheels wil fit every frame, they are very durable and grippy due to the 88a hardness.

The pro skaters that ride for Eulogy wheels are Soichiro Kanashima, Abdiel Coldberg, Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, Jeff Dalnas and Franco Cammayo. Every couple of years Eulogy brings out a new print of on all their pro wheels. Eulogy wheels are typically white.

Note: Make sure that the diameter is correct for your type skate, the width of inline skate wheels are always the same, If you are not sure these wheels will fit your skate, you can always contact us

More information about the Eulogy brand can be found here:

More information about wheels in general here:

Product Specifications
Bearings Bearings not included
Color White
Hardheid 88A
Sold in pair per set of 4
Wheel diameter 54mm
Wheel profile Flat
About the brand
Eulogy is widely known for its great wheels. read more

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