Type M black/white

Type M black/white

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Black/white Kizer Type M frame, 

With the Kizer Type X Team White freestyle frame you there are no rules so you can redefine what aggressive inline skating really is. This revolutionary frame continues the legacy of the infamous Xsjado freestyle. Its unique design allows your frame to grind any surface at any angle thanks to its massive H-block, which stretches from wheel to wheel. Kizer Type X Team White freestyle frame lends itself to grinding fat rails, pipes, blunt ledges, and so much more. While the frame features a massive central grind area, it also incorporates contoured frame walls limiting the material that touches on soul or topside tricks, creating a super-fast grinding experience. Able to fit up to 59mm wheels and grind almost anything, the Kizer Type X Team Black freestyle frame delivers a whole new aggressive skating experience. The original freestyle frame to hit the aggressive inline skating market and still the best - it’s the Type M II White from Kizer. With this innovative frame, you can grind just about anything, allowing you to push your limits and explore what’s possible on inline skates. The Type M II White features an oversized H-block and winged wall edges to create a big, fast, nearly frictionless surface. Made of Kizer’s famous Fluid material, the Type M II White delivers fast, smooth, controlled grinds. The frame is able to accept a maximum of 58mm wheels and comes with durable 8mm double steel axles. This classic freestyle aggressive frame is available in both white and black colors.

Frame Mounting Standard: UFS mounting

Frame Setup: 2x58mm

Weight: S = 314g,

Frame Wheel Base (Inch / MM)
S=243mm, L=272mm

2 frames in one set. 

Nuts and bolts included.

Product Specifications
Color Black
About the brand
Kizer was the first company to manufature a UFS frame in 2001. This was the Stream frame wich is no longer being sold. Other old... read more

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