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Issue 22

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When we launched the Be-Mag print project we decided that we would create as many theme issues as possible. We believe that going behind the scenes and providing in-depth coverage of a particular topic, as well as adding regular extras online, is important in order to keep the mag interesting. That is why we introduced the Photo issue, made a special Euro issue, and now you're reading the first of our DVD issues featuring the best skating and behind the scenes action from all around the world.

DVDs and videos have been documenting and defining rolling from the very beginning. Just think about all the videos that have inspired you since you started skating. Watching old copies of skating videos brings back so many memories. I remember the first time I watched Hoax 2, and I've continued to religiously watch it to this very day. It never gets boring because it highlights the lifestyle and characters behind rolling. Each new DVD release has the potential to make a big impact if it's made in the right way, as it can connect people from all over the world, in a very different way to that of a print mag. Each medium has its advantage, with print you can showcase one perfect moment, whereas with DVDs it's all about the motion and fluidity. Far more can be visually covered, from the approach, to the failed attempts, to the laced trick.

Skate DVDs and the big players in the industry have evolved significantly in recent years. A few years ago all the hype would have been over the next VG or Life+ release. They set the ground for the new editors like Doug Urquhart, Lonnie Gallegos, Carl Sturgess, Brandon Negrete, Adam Johnson and many more. These guys filled the void that was left after these great video series stopped. These people have the motivation and the determination to go out filming for several months, waiting for this perfect clip, and investing a lot of money into their releases. This issue is dedicated to all videographers that have given something to rolling.

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