Issue 14

Issue 14

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Issue 14 marks yet another milestone in the progression of Be-mag. It is the first annual Photoissue and features some of the best photography from the last year from all of our photographers. All of them are portrayed and have a selection of their best shots in magazine.


Adam Kola, Jeremy Stephenson, Toby Page, Scott Dukes, Philipp Forstner, Mike Graffigna, Jess Dyrenforth, Zeb Huset, Chris Majette, Alex Schneider, John Haynes, Chris Wedman, Martin Fussenegger and Jyri Pasanen

We chose to leave our much loved design aside this issue and let the photos do the talking. Clip's very own Lukas von Monkiewitsch took care of the layout.

Skaters featured in this issue:

Mike Martinho, Julian Bah, Tory Treseder, Oli Short, Brent Hicks, Michael "Gumby" Braud, Eric "Ski" Purkett, Prince Aragon, Jeph Howard, Sandro Brun, Pat Lennen, Billy O'Neil, Brandon Mateer, Kenny Owens, Jon Julio, Gonzo Jaquez, Ivan Narez, Steve Dürr, Stefan Horngacher, Fridolin Eelbo, Daniel Prell, Rob Pinho, Chuky, Joey Ihara, Sean Keane, Victor Arias, Erik Garcia, Casey Bagozzi, Connor O'Brien, Blake Dennis, Richie Velasquez, Damien Wilson, Adrian Kotrba, Josh Silver, Erik Foret, Matthias Ogger Ryan Googins, Jochen Smuda and many more.

Besides the huge gallery you'll also find reports on the RFCC Tour with shots of Alex Broskow and Chris Monaco, this years Barn Burner with Chris Haffey's Fakie 720 Kindgrind and the Roll2Soul's XMas Jam.

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